Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a start to just why I'm me

I came across this excerpt and found it extremely appropriate.It holds answers to peoples observations of my choice of lifestyle to an extent...."Because the life of the Christian hermit, both in ancient and in modern times, is rooted in the Desert Theology of the Old Testament, it is a life entirely given to the praise of God and the love and – through the hermit's penance and prayers – also the service of all humanity. The latter is crucial to the correct understanding of the eremitic vocation, since the Judeo-Christian tradition holds that God created man (i.e. the individual human being) relational,[1] which means that solitude can never be the purpose of any Christian vocation but only a conducive environment for striving after a particular spiritual purpose that forms part of our common human vocation.

..after reading this the truth of going through something on your "own" without others around is at times painful but promising.the hurt notifies you of growth.After, you can see past your pain you can truly see the worth of others and the need for relationships in your life.Your time is your time but what good are you if you can't share the Love and Truth you have received to share with others.Simply put if you stay in the "desert" you end up keeping the Love for yourself and going against the whole point,so why better yourself if you can't share?

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