Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a swell in the tide...

a cage?
a cage of my own creation?
i stay in what i can just walk out of?
a demise sealed by just what i feel?
could it really be that tough?
agree with the authority in me
He being the centerpiece of all that i cleave?

Surely there is more...
more that is required of me
something to earn what is free
a hoop or two to jump through
a point system to relieve
the cost of this freedom received.

oh the pain of regret
in this shame i reject
clothed in fear i recess
am i worth to possess?

but still a generation's mantle neglected?
i feel the deep tide swell
the winds of change will tell
washed up to land a leader stands
will you follow and make demands?
there is truth in the tide
take up your cloak, you know of the one i speak

Stand together
Speak your Truth
Hold fast
...it's coming soon