Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Concious Sleep

Don't care who's listening
Don't care who hears
You're my wasted time
You're wasted years

I cant say
And I cant scream
But to breakaway
I'm starting to see

And as I walk away
From what remains
You sit in your spite
And your dark campaign

Oh why oh why
Did I even try
Now when I breathe
I exhale life

Days at a time
The weeks are behind
Years follow suit
And the fight grows inside

The night sky falls
And shadow hides
Our dreams march on
As secret whispers lie

My destiny mapped
By sky punched lights
The same ever glow
That inspired Eliot to write

So adieu to you
My adversary consumed
This volition moves on
Apathy you're through.


Natalie said...

I love this.

14goahead said...

You spelled "Conscious" wrong...